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Richard Breese Visits Columbia Game Club

March 23, 2006

Game designer Richard Breese visited the Columbia Strategic Simulation Society on March 23, 2006. A summary of the members in attendance, the games played, and the winners is available here. Many games were enjoyed, such as Caylus, Ra, and Blokus, but the stars of the night were the two prototypes of upcoming games brought by Mr. Breese all the way from England. He brought prototypes of both Reef Encounters of the Second Kind and Fowl Play. I did not participate in the game of Fowl Play, although it looked very intresting and I'd love to pick up a copy if it is reprinted with a wider circulation than the 500 copies available at Essen. However, I did participate in Reef Encounters of the Second Kind, and thought that it was a fabulous expansion for an already outstanding game. The addition of cards adds more luck to the game, but restrains the blitz strategy by requiring a certain type of card before having your parrotfish consume your first coral. Moreover, the additional tile configurations are really interesting, especially the vicious crown of thorns. I really hope that Z-Man Games publishes this expansion with artwork that matches the second edition so I can pick up a copy. While the expansion with first edition artwork would work with the Z-Man version of the game, it would be much nicer to have a version of this expansion that matches the artwork of the base game. Thanks again to Richard Breese for coming to my club and bringing his prototypes with him. He was even kind enough to bring two copies of the Keythedral Expansion for me, as well as copies of O'Kudos for everyone in attendance!