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Board Game Internet Awards

January 23, 2007

You like me? You really like me! Yes, it's true, I had my very own Sally Field moment today when the Board Game Internet Awards were announced this morning on Boardgame News and BoardGameGeek. You can see the full list of winners on the Gone Gaming blog. Awards were given in a wide variety of categories, such as best publisher site, best game club site, best online gaming site, best blog, best podcast, best review, best session report, best strategy article, and best humurous article. I am very honored to have been recognized in three of these categories, especially given the amazing amount and quality of other people's work that was nominated.

Best Blog - I am very flattered to share the Best Blog award with the Gathering of Engineers blog. I hope that receiving this spurs me to write more because I have a long list of ideas for things to write about, and I seem to add five things to the list for every idea that actually comes to fruition. I'm never really sure if anyone reads this, so I mainly write for myself, but it's all the better if anyone else happens to enjoy it too. I must say that the blog field was extremely crowded with 13 nominations this year, and many were far more deserving than myself. In particular, I highly recommend that everyone check out Gamer's Notebook by Mike Siggins, Chris Farrell's Gaming Blog, and Mike Doyle's Art Play. Those three are really the cream of the crop in my opinion, and well worth checking frequently. You can find the full list of nominees in the Gone Gaming archives if you want to find even more excellent blogs. There's also an index of blogs available in my Links section below, plus a listing of blogs on the BoardGameGeek wiki.

Best Review - I am honestly very surprised to learn that others have found my reviews interesting. The fact that my review of Carcassonne received the Best Review award and my review of Power Grid was the Runner Up will hopefully spur me to write more reviews this year. I certainly enjoy writing reviews, although I have a difficult time choosing which games to review, as evidenced by the fact that I've only written reviews of four games so far in the past two years. While I am willing to rate games on BoardGameGeek after only playing them once or twice (since I revise my ratings after successive plays), I only feel comfortable writing reviews of games that I've played numerous times. I've also only written reviews so far about some of my favorite and least favorite eurogames, so hopefully I'll tackle writing a review of a game in the middle of the spectrum at some point in the near future. Once again, I'd like to thank everyone at Gone Gaming and recommend that everyone check out the list of wonderful reviews that were nominated.


Best Session Report - I was most surprised to discover that my Wallenstein session report was Runner Up in the Best Session Report category. The winner in the category was the fabulous and hilarious Doom session report written by Diane Close. The nominees included excellent session reports of Poisson d'Avril by John Snyder, Blokus by David Singleton, Shocking Roulette by Chad Krizan, and Heroscape by Tom Vasel among others. I enjoyed writing this session report of Wallenstein, but I discovered that writing session reports is even more difficult than I expected, which gives me even greater respect for Greg Schloesser and his 2,230 session reports to date! I don't think I'll ever come close to being one of the most active session reporters on BoardGameGeek, but I will try to be a more active reviewer this year, not that I could ever come close to Tom Vasel's astounding 582 reviews!